Dr. Waite-O’Brien is a California licensed psychologist and a Certified Equine Interaction Professional. She has a long history of working in the field of alcohol and drug treatment and was Vice President of Clinical Services at the Betty Ford Center. Her training in somatic experiencing enhances her ability to work with people and horses. She partners with her horses to offer unique therapeutic or training experiences to individuals and groups. She also has a private practice in Rancho Mirage, California.



Having frequently co-facilitated equine sessions with Nancy over the past decade, I continue to appreciate her ability to bring insight and learning to the clients, all couched in a wonderful sense of humor. Clients attending the one day workshops report that their sessions bring them a new understanding of not only what UNsuccessful behavior patterns they have, but an understanding that they can practice NEW behaviors in making healthier life choices. Practicing a new behavior with the well trained, “tuned in” horses gives them a “felt sense” of how their lives could be better, an experience they receive from observing the horse’s reaction to their changed behavior. Sharing a workshop experience with Nancy and her “herd” is an experience not to be missed.

Vickie Cottle

Owner, Discovering Equus
Descanso, CA

I participated in a Wind Horse Crossing Equine Therapy workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only did I learn a lot of horses, more importantly I learned a lot about myself. Nancy and her staff are wonderful. They made me feel safe. I also had a lot of fun. What a great experience. t.

Charlene Montgomery

Director Campus Operations
Betty Ford Center, Part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

I HIGHLY recommend, if you get the chance, spending time with Nancy and her herd on her ranch. Nancy and her horses have created an environment that is safe, supportive, insightful, nourishing, fulfilling and healing.

Gale D.

“I’ve known Nancy for a few years through our Somatic Experiencing training and connected with her openness and warmth from the first moment we met. I was intrigued to learn about her work with horses. Recently a group of colleagues and I spent a day at Nancy’s ranch and she facilitated an experience for us with the horses that truly was profound. I chose the horse I wanted to work with and the first thing I noticed was how sensitive he was to my feeling state, and then how I became attuned to his. We seemed to share this dance, which continued over a few hours. The serenity of the ranch, the safe space and expert leadership Nancy offered, the clear and calm focus I felt connecting with my horse and sharing the experience with the others all contributed to an amazing time I will not forget.”

Ilene B.

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